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We offer a unique approach, with a strong focus on methods that reduce risk exposure for our clients and ensure the viability and profitability of the selected projects. Towards that end, we focus on the following:

Institutional: coordination of negotiations with strategic partners, public authorities with a direct interest on the project at hand, as well as financial institutions, in addition to a thorough evaluation of market specificities and our clients’ competitive advantages and weaknesses. 

Operational: examination and revision regarding the elaboration of studies and fact-finding required for the procedure. Support for the employment of other companies, when required. Evaluation of the convergence of roles and consolidation of activities for maximum generation of aggregate value.  

Financials: through the use of established methods, tools and products, necessary for the comprehension, evaluation, simulation and definition of viability or economic and financial value, in consideration of the institutional, operational and macroeconomic characteristics.

Assessoria Financeira


We offer financial solutions to capture short and long-term resources for clients in a wide range of segments. We have experience in structuring several types of products, such as the sale of shares, the composition of joint-ventures, long term financing contracts, the issuance of securities and securitization, amongst others.

We support our clients in all stages of the funding process, from the preparation and/or analysis of documents (financial, economic and accounting due diligence), to discussions with prospective investors or financiers, proof of value and/or company (project) viability, roadshow, evaluation of warranties and other related activities.  


We operate on all phases of the bidding process, beginning with pre-feasibility analysis, through the preparation of PMIs and MIPs, the development of technical reports for market research and economic-financial evaluation, to technical and strategic support during the auction phase. 

Our feasibility analysis utilizes successful, unique and extensively tested tools and methodologies. We cover the identification of all risks, elaborate scenarios based on particular results and measure financial viability, amongst other key points. 

In addition, we work to obtain the necessary resources to comply with agreed investments, defending the viability of business plans and optimal capital structure arrangements


We are present in our clients’ daily routines, supporting them in an array of tasks that are fundamental for the sound management and planning of operational and financial activities.

We possess an experienced team in financial analysis and cash flow management, developing tools and products aimed at facilitating financial transparency, as well as planning for the use of short and long-term working capital. By doing so, we anticipate challenges and mitigate shareholder risks.

Furthermore, we support the elaboration of appeals against investors and grantors (concessions), in addition to performing accounting tests for audits, measuring their potential impact on a project’s future.



Our team possess technical quality, academic knowledge and market experience. We leverage these qualities in order to develop findings and technical reports, aimed at providing a foundation to support investment opportunities and guide our clients’ strategic decisions in a variety of situations.

We elaborate sectoral market analysis, evaluations and demand projections, technical reports and appeals vis-à-vis governmental entities regarding the economic regulation of public-private partnership contracts. We also devise all documents and products necessary for arbitration proceedings, always supported by our team’s professional expertise.


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