There are hundreds of good projects on the market that, due to lack of direction or access to potential creditors or investors, are unable to move forward. After careful analysis, Vallya´s team advise clients on the identification of potential markets, suppliers and strategic partners, in addition to providing technical and qualified counseling on economic and financial viability, fundraising, and related activities.

Through our differentiated approach and established methodology, Vallya reduces our clients risks and guarantees viability and profitability to select projects. Vallya prioritizes the confidentiality of its initiatives, both within the company and vis-à-vis the market.


Vallya develops financial solutions to capture short and long-term resources for clients in wide range of segments. We have experience in structuring several types of products, such as the sale of shares, the composition of joint ventures, contracting long-term financing, issuing securities, securitization, etc.

Vallya coordinates and executes all stages of the funding process, from the first processes of preparation and/or document analysis (financial, economic, and accounting due diligence), to discussions with eventual investors or financiers, proof of value and/or company (project) viability, roadshows, evaluation of warranties, etc.


Vallya operates in all phases of the bidding process, from pre-feasibility analysis, through the preparation of PMIs and MIPs, the development of market research and the economic and financial evaluation of technical reports, to technical and strategic support in the auction phase.

Vallya uses differentiated and widely tested tools and methodologies to assess project viability, map every risk, elaborate scenarios of specific results, and measure financial viability, among other key points.

In addition, Vallya works to obtain the necessary resources to comply with agreed investments, defend the viability of business plans, and optimally structure capital and warranties for each project as required by each shareholder’s specific needs.


Vallya accompanies its clients’ daily routines, supporting them in the variety of tasks that are fundamental to the good management and planning of operational and financial activities at a high level of governance.

To accomplish this, Vallya works on financial analysis and cash flow management, developing tools and products that facilitate financial transparency and promote good cash planning in both the short and long term, anticipating potential challenges and mitigating shareholder risks.


In addition to backing a company’s main operations, Vallya provides legal support for lawsuits against investors and grantors (concessions), as well as performing accounting tests for auditing processes, measuring their potential impact on projects.


Vallya applies technical expertise together with academic knowledge and market experience to its work. We develop studies, reports, and opinions that support investment opportunities and orient our clients’ strategic decisions in a variety of situations.

Vallya elaborates sectorial studies, demand projections and evaluations, and opinions, as well as providing legal representation and counsel vis-à-vis governmental agencies regarding economic regulation of concession contracts and PPPs. We also devises technical and evaluation reports for arbitration proceedings, among other completed products, always supported by our team’s excellent academic background and experience.